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 Product explanation

Item: HHR-2812-200
Reverse Osmosis Element

◆Capacity GPD(L/H): 200G(31.6L)
◆Test condition:  75Psi (25℃ Raw water: Reverse osmosis aqueous solution)
Recovery rate: 15%
Salt rejection rate: 97.0 % (Minimum Rejection Rate : 95.0%)
The amount of water produced may vary in ±15%
◆Operating limit:
Maximum operating temperature: 45℃
Maximum pollution index: 5SDI /15min
Maximum turbidity: 1.0NTU
Maximum chlorine concentration: 0.1ppm
Maximum operating pressure: 150psi  /1MPa
Maximum inflow discharge: 2 GPM
PH range: 2~11
◆Packaging: 41.5*42.5*38.5CM / 25PCS,  10KGS

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