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 Product explanation

Item: HBF-K1
◆Total volume: 20L
◆Upper bottle height:16.5cm
◆Lower bottle height:20.0cm
◆Product size: 25.8*25.8*39.0 cm (not included the float valve)
◆Ourflow speed:0.48L/Min
◆Working pressure:1P
◆B# Top Filter: Mineral Ball
◆S2# Filter: Active Carbon, Medical Stone, Active Carbon, Mineral Ball, Ceramic plate
◆C# Filter can be choose: Active Carbon, Ceramic cup, Ceramic plate

Inner: 27*27*22cm/ctn
outer: 82.5*28*45.5cm / 6pcs
Qty 20"/40"HQ: 1,548 / 3,780 pcs

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